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Tutors - Get Paid to Test StudyBuddy!

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

One of the best things about teaching is those moments when you see clearly that a student is learning, is growing, and is gaining the skills they need to succeed. Knowing you were a part of that and seeing the joy in a student’s face when they graduate is one of the most rewarding parts of teaching.

But teaching is also tough, because you give a part of yourself every time you teach, and alongside that you’re juggling lesson planning, testing schedules, parent feedback, curriculum development - the list goes on!

And if you’re a full-time private tutor in New York, or supplementing your income with some private tutoring jobs, the challenges just keep coming. You have to market yourself, find new students, negotiate with parents, keep those students and parents happy, and demonstrate clear results.

At StudyBuddy, we’ve been there - the whole team has spent time working as teachers, tutors and educators. We understand your challenges and that’s why we’ve developed the StudyBuddy Tutor app.

But we need your help!

We want StudyBuddy to be the best in class, so we’re searching for the best tutors in New York City to help us road test the app.

  • You’ll receive vouchers for the first tests

  • You'll get paid for your time for the second set of tests

  • You’ll get ahead of tutors who join later

  • You’ll receive real reviews for your classes.

And when we launch, you could already be at our Best Buddy level, and maybe even be a Super Buddy, meaning you have a high earning potential from day one, at a price that fits your expertise.

We’re also offering tutors the chance to get involved in our campaigns - building your profile and visibility, not just in the app, but across New York City, so you can reach more students and parents.

So what’s involved?

Our initial testing program will run online for a short time. This will then be followed by a beta program, which will run in New York City for a few weeks. During the beta, you’ll be matched with real students in your area, and we will pay you for every session you teach.

Here’s what to expect:

We want the best tutors in NYC to test the StudyBuddy app

  • Sign up here to join the beta program

  • Attend a screening interview

  • Create your profile and tutor video

  • Complete a quick survey

  • Connect online to test video features

  • Opt in for the physical classes - you’ll be paid in full, commission free

  • Give us feedback online and on a call focusing on app usability.

Don´t forget:

  • You’ll get paid for your time

  • You’ll be a Best Buddy or Super Buddy with great reviews when we launch the app

  • You’ll be featured across New York City as one of our top tutors.

And most importantly:

You’ll be shaping the app so it works for you and every tutor who joins. Together, we can revolutionize the way students find their best fit tutor, without the need to compromise on your hourly tutoring rate.

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