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Our Beta Test is Live - Join In Today!

StudyBuddy is very proud to announce the launch of its Student - Tutor Beta Testing program. After months of hard work, we can finally open the doors to you - students, parents and teachers - so that you can book, attend or teach classes with confidence.

We’re inviting students, parents and tutors, especially those in New York City, to join in the beta test for free. If you’re a tutor, you will be paid for your time and students will receive free classes in exchange for feedback*.

The StudyBuddy app aims to revolutionize the way that students find tutors with the help of a unique matching algorithm that will save everyone time and improve school student success.

You can join the Beta Program today. Simply fill in this form

So how is StudyBuddy different from all the other learning platforms out there?

  1. The app matches students with tutors, based not just on availability, subject matter and location, but also personality, interests and culture - key factors that can determine whether a student-tutor relationship is successful or not.

  2. When the app launches in New York City, students and parents will not only be able to get a tutor instantly online, but also in person in as little as 90 minutes!

  3. StudyBuddy doesn’t allow just anyone to join the platform as a tutor. For the beta program and launch, we’re only accepting Registered US Teachers, guaranteeing that students will be taught by qualified professionals.

  4. Tutors will not have to compromise on price in order to win students (and their parents). Prices are set at the same rates for all teachers - based on the subject matter, a teacher's experience and whether the class is online or in person.

  5. For every class booked on the app, StudyBuddy will gift a class to students in need of extra support, both in the US and abroad.

We spoke to StudyBuddy CEO, Ray Kanevsky about the beta program. He said,

“We’re really excited to be opening StudyBuddy’s doors to real students, parents and tutors. We know that more often than not in private tuition, what works for one student, doesn’t work for every student. Success tends to come from the relationship you build with your tutor.

The StudyBuddy app takes the most important elements that contribute to a successful student-tutor relationship to create matches so students and parents can find their best fit tutor fast!

We can’t wait to get feedback from real students, parents and tutors, so that when we launch, we can be confident that the app works perfectly for everybody.”

To join the beta test, students, parents and tutors can sign up here

Or subscribe here to be the notified when we launch the app later this year

* The first 100 classes will be free of charge for students. Tutors will be paid by StudyBuddy for their time teaching during the test period.

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