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Private Tuition for Every Student

Private tuition can help students to succeed in their studies, opening up opportunities. But for many families, a private tutor is out of reach financially.  


Change is needed, so that all students can reach their potential. 

We are dedicated to providing supplementary education to students who need it, and the One-for-One Program is our way of giving back.  


For every lesson booked through our platform, a child in an underserved community will also receive a free session. 


Opening Up Access to Education


Where you live can have a significant impact on your access to education.  Not just abroad, but in the US too.


For example in New York, where you live has a greater effect on your education than any other factor.  Schools depend on budgets and those budgets come from tax dollars from the residents of the school’s neighborhood.  So, the more affluent the area, the higher the budget of the school.   

Around the world, young students from less affluent backgrounds receive substantially less extra help from professional tutors than those from more advantaged backgrounds.  

We want private tuition to be accessible to every student. So to level the playing field, we offer a free session to a child who needs it, for every paid session booked on StudyBuddy.

Join the Program

We are actively partnering with tutors in Latin America, Africa and parts of the US to provide free tutoring to those in need.  We are looking for more teachers to partner with, as we grow.

If you are, or know an NGO who works in the NY Metropolitan area, Latin America or Africa, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


StudyBuddy is Testing Now!

The StudyBuddy App will help you find your perfect private tutor - fast!  And we'll offer a free class to a student who needs it, every time you book.

Join the Beta Test Today

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