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StudyBuddy wants to revolutionize the way that students find private tutors.

After many months, we've reached the moment when we can open the door to you - students, parents and tutorsto help us evolve the app to be 100% what you need!

Be one of the first people to join StudyBuddy!

In exchange for your feedback on the app, we're offering

  • Free classes for students

  • Fully paid classes for tutors.

Be the First to Join StudyBuddy!

What is StudyBuddy?

StudyBuddy is an app that matches students with their best fit tutor. Our unique matching technology takes into account a wealth of variables including subject, grade, location, interests and learning style. 

Students and parents can find a tutor in less than 5 minutes and have a tutor to your door in 90 minutes, or connect online instantly. No time wasted reading through hundreds of tutor profiles.  

For tutors, there’s no need to spend hours marketing to parents and students, nor wondering what price to charge for your time. Simply set your hours and location and we’ll do the rest, with set prices based on your subject and level, so you don’t have to compete on price.

StudyBuddy Tutor Booking

How do I Join?

Simply sign up and start using the app.  

Bring your best constructive feedback skills with you and use the app at least five times.  Then tell us honestly what you think - what’s great, what’s not so great, what’s missing?  We’ll send you a feedback form and invite you to join us on an optional feedback call too. That’s it!

What Will I Have to Do?

The testing program will happen in 2 phases over the next couple of months.

Stage 1 Testing
The first stage will be a short test in which you will go through the sign up process for the app, and complete a survey about that process. In exchange, you will receive a $5 Amazon gift card. 

Stage 2 Testing
If you complete stage 1, you will be invited to join stage 2.  In stage 2 testing, students will be matched with a tutor and take classes.
These classes will be free and will be with real tutors.  Tutors will be paid for the classes they give.

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What's in it for Me?

For students, you get free classes with your matched tutor, who will be a registered US teacher.  You can choose to have classes online or in person, if you’re in New York City.

For tutors, we’ll pay you in full for each class you teach, and you’ll receive real reviews and the chance to progress to our Best Buddy level before anyone else.

Where do I Sign Up?

To get involved, simply sign up here, and you can download the app to test it before anyone else!

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