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Sick of charging less than you're worth?

​Finding it hard to sell yourself to prospective parents? Struggling to craft the perfect profile?

We take the stress out of finding new students.

Find Students for Private Tutoring

Find Your Perfect Tutor

Your best fit tutor is your Study Buddy - a qualified teacher who helps you get the grades you need, by making learning interesting, personal, relevant and achievable. 

When you download StudyBuddy, we don’t just find you a private tutor that knows math - we find a tutor that connects with your interests and your talents, helping you each step of the way.

Earn How You Want - When You Want

All In One App.

Our unique matching technology finds students that are perfect for you.


No need to sell yourself - we’ve got that covered.


Teach online or in person* without compromising your fee per hour.


* In person tutoring sessions available in New York City.

StudyBuddy is Coming Soon!

The StudyBuddy App will help you find students - fast! Once registered, simply select your working hours, preferences and skills - and you'll be notified as soon as a student wants to learn with you.

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Make Good Money Tutoring

Our tiered pricing model was designed for you to earn a high hourly rate. No need to guess what price will sell your service. No need to charge less than you’re worth to win a student. Receive payments bi-weekly and track all your earnings in the app.

Instant Student Matching

Instant matching means you don’t have to spend time closing deals with parents. You’ll receive a notification whenever you match with a student ready to learn. All you have to do is click Accept!

Time To Prepare

Students and parents give you advance notice of what tutoring help they need, linking to resources, when they make a booking. StudyBuddy gives you time to prepare, so you can tutor a student more effectively - improving learning outcomes - which in turn will increase positive ratings, repeat bookings and your earning potential.

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Malorie, 3rd Grade, the Bronx

Meet Malorie, one of our Super Buddies. Malorie teaches in a public school in the Bronx and offers private tutoring to local students in person and online. 

“StudyBuddy is the best platform I’ve used for private tutoring. I choose my hours and location week by week, and love not needing to negotiate a price with parents. My regular students are gaining confidence and their grades are getting better every semester. That’s what matters most!”

1-For-1, Education for All

StudyBuddy is passionate about education for everyone.


For every session booked through StudyBuddy, a child less fortunate will receive a free private tutor session with our 1- For -1 Program.


Our partnerships mean a child in the US, Colombia, Nigeria or Kenya benefits from every session you book.


Thank you for being part of the solution. 

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Match on the app with a qualified, registered teacher - ready to tutor when and where you choose. At your door in 90 minutes. Or online even faster!

A mobile first platform matching your child with their best fit tutor - no guesswork, wasted hours or wasted investment, so your child can focus on learning.

Instant matching saves you time searching for students. No need to guess what price will sell your service. Just click accept!