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Doing Homework

Concerned about your child's progress?

Unable to help with that math homework your child needs to do today?

Let StudyBuddy take the stress out of finding a great tutor. 

Take the Guesswork out of
Finding the Perfect Tutor

Find Your Perfect Tutor

Your best fit tutor is your Study Buddy - a qualified teacher who helps you get the grades you need, by making learning interesting, personal, relevant and achievable. 

When you download StudyBuddy, we don’t just find you a private tutor that knows math - we find a tutor that connects with your interests and your talents, helping you each step of the way.

Private Tutoring

Find the Perfect Tutor

No more wasted hours reading profiles and interviewing candidates.


We find the best fit, background checked, US certified teacher for your child, making a match based not only on subject and grade, but also interests, location and learning styles.

The result?


Students who thrive and strive towards better grades, looking forward to every StudyBuddy session. Personalized teaching from an expert tutor can make all the difference.

Distance Learning

StudyBuddy is now in Testing!

The StudyBuddy App will help you find the perfect private tutor - fast!  A qualifed, registered teacher ready to tutor when and where you choose.

Join the Beta Test

Jave, 10

Coming from an immigrant family, Jave’s first language isn’t English. And though he picked up speaking in no time, he needed help with reading and writing. 

His Mom used StudyBuddy to find Maria, an English tutor, also originally from Peru. With a little help from Maria each week, Jave has received a boost in confidence, and he’s now reading and writing daily in English. 

“Jave’s Buddy, Maria has given him confidence and new English skills. She’s amazing!”
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Every StudyBuddy tutor is a background checked, US certified teacher and we only match tutors with proven experience in your child’s grade and subject.
Set up a Parent account to schedule a session for your child online or get a tutor to you in 90 minutes or less. 


Smart Matching means Better Learning Outcomes

Every student is different - with individual interests, learning styles and talents. Tell us what those are and we’ll find your perfect tutor. StudyBuddy’s unique matching system not only finds you an available, expert tutor, but someone your child will feel comfortable with, and who can tutor using relevant, memorable methods.

On the Go, Online, or In Person

StudyBuddy starts on your phone. Set up a Parent account to manage and monitor your child’s learning schedule from anywhere.  With the flexibility to schedule a session online or get a tutor to you in 90 minutes or less, your child will get all the support they need to succeed.

Secure Payments

Payments are made securely by credit card - no need to run to the bank to get cash to pay a tutor. When a student-tutor session is complete, rate the session and pay in the app. Simple and secure!

1-For-1, Education for All

StudyBuddy is passionate about education for everyone.


For every session booked through StudyBuddy, a child less fortunate will receive a free private tutor session with our One-For-One Program.

Our partnerships mean a child in the US, Colombia, Nigeria or Kenya benefits from every session you book.

Thank you for being part of the solution. 

Children Embracing in Circle

Find Out More About the App

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Match on the app with a qualified, registered teacher - ready to tutor when and where you choose. At your door in 90 minutes. Or online even faster!

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A mobile first platform matching your child with their best fit tutor - no guesswork, wasted hours or wasted investment, so your child can focus on learning.

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Instant matching saves you time searching for students. No need to guess what price will sell your service. Just click accept!

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