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“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think.”

Albert Einstein

Our Technology

Our Story

How We Got Here

We’re a young and talented group of entrepreneurs, educators, and engineers with a groundbreaking idea that we hope will evolve the tutor-student industry as we know it today.

Our founder, Ray Kanevsky, received his teaching degree at NYU and started his own boutique tutoring business in New York City. In doing so, he and his team learned about the many inconsistencies within the private tutoring market.


From overchoice to overpay, there was simply no way to know a good tutor from a bad one unless you gave them a chance. A few hundred dollars later, you've either found someone you like or are back at square one. 

There must be a better way - a scientific way - to find the perfect tutor. And so the idea was born and we vowed to change the search for private tuition for the better, forever. 

After countless hours researching, testing, and evolving, we’ve reached the point where StudyBuddy can ensure the best outcomes for both clients (students and tutors).


"Technology is best when
it brings people together."

Matt Mullenweg
Our Vision

Smart Matching Technology

StudyBuddy is a unique tutor-student matching platform that finds tutors for students, based on more than just subject, grade and location. We match on a wealth of different variables, like your interests and learning style, all backed by research, informed by testing, and optimised via a self learning algorithm. 

Our goal is to match students with their best fit tutor, changing the way people find tutors for educational needs. Today, hiring a tutor is 100% subjective - more often than not, it’s a friend’s recommendation, or a gut feel, having read dozens of tutor profiles online.  But what works for one student, may not work for the next, and you’re back to square one, searching blind online.

We're changing that. We've found a way to quantify and guarantee success when hiring a tutor. StudyBuddy has learnt how to match you, the student, with your best fit tutor. We're taking the guesswork and headache out of your search, so you can focus on learning successfully.

Horace Mann

Meet The Team

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Ray Kanevsky


Andrew Snyder-Spak


Jenny Teasdale

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